Our Motto

‘Where children come first’


Our Vision

All our children are unique individuals who are encouraged to develop their own personalities, skills and abilities whilst being tolerant of each other irrespective of their differences. We inspire them to believe in themselves, encourage their talents and dreams and celebrate their accomplishments, helping them to become responsible for their own actions and able to make informed choices. Our environment positively influences all areas of their development to support behaviours, such as perseverance and appreciation, so they are completely prepared to take their place in our diverse world.


Our Mission Statement

In order to achieve our vision we strive for our school to be a school which:

  • Instils high expectations and standards for all our pupils to achieve their very best every day;
  • Enables our pupils to be effective learners, innovative thinkers and will take ownership of their learning;
  • Ensures children have the confidence to take risks;
  • Provides children with a voice that is listened to;
  • Develops a sense of personal responsibility and encourages high standards of behaviour;
  • Helps children develop a sense of pride in their achievements, recognise individual success and develop resilience;
  • Celebrates and nurtures children’s diversity, provides equality of opportunities and ensures they are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

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